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The two new books!

The new book is out in September!

Because you demanded it, GASPS chief investigator KyL Cobb has released a new Paranormal Travel Book! You can now purchase

Ghosts and Demons: Disturbed Destinations

before it hits bookstores at, and In January 2016, Cobb’s second paranormal book, Ghosts and Demons: The Truth of the Bell Witch was released. Focused on finding the real story behind the two-hundred-year-old poltergeist case, Cobb applied his unique historical investigative skills to separate the truth from the urban legends. This short work takes a critical look at the Bell Witch legends as presented in historical documents. Unraveling two hundred years of lies, distortions, and profiteering, Cobb disproves many of the legends fundamental assertions.

In September 2016, Cobb’s third paranormal book, Ghosts and Demons: Disturbed Destinations was released. Unlike many paranormal travel books that rely on internet histories as background for a "haunted" location, this book does the hard work to research the true story of over two dozen locations claiming paranormal events.

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