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Unlike a residual haunting, an intelligent haunting demonstrates clear signs of being aware of the presence of the witnesses.  These signs may be as simple as responding to questions by knocking or as complex as a possession.  The term "intelligent" is a misnomer since it does not indicate the level of knowledge.  A more accurate definition may be "stimulus aware" haunting (but that doesn't sound good on TV).

Written by Kyle T. Cobb, Jr.

Nos tibi credere.

Phenomenon explored

When describing a ghost, a human apparition is the text book definition.  Generally speaking, the belief is that a human apparition is the spirit of a once living person that has remained active after the body’s death.  

While there are huge philosophical and religious implications to the existence of a human apparition, from a scientific perspective the documentation of human apparitions presents a fascinating challenge.  Like a zoologist hunting for a supposedly extinct animal that only exists in rumors, documenting the presence of a human apparition is extreme difficult.

The physical description of human apparitions varies from seeing an entire body dressed in period clothing to simply hearing them.  There is no clear linkage between the visibility of the spirit and the entities actual power.  Even so, there is a tendency to think of seeing a full body apparition as one of the “holy grails” of investigating.  Even so, completely invisible entities may be the most vocal or demonstrate the most ability to interact with the physical world.

Because the science of paranormal research is still in its early phases, there are very few hard facts that can be applied.


The Deceased Theory

The first question that comes to mind when discussing human apparitions is how they transitioned into their current form.  One idea is that during a sudden or violent death, the soul becomes confused and therefore never “moves on” to next stage.  Some speculate that that a human apparition remains behind to resolve something that has not yet been resolved in its former life.  Some posture that for a human apparition, the continued existence may be some thing of a purgatory.

If one were to serious try and calculate all the humans that have died in the past 30,000 years and only a small percent of these were unhappy about that fact, there should be millions of ghosts waiting to tell their stories.

But there are not.

This suggests that over time apparitions either reach their peace or dissipate.  The idea of dissipating means like a battery loosing its charge or a “temporarily” magnetized piece of iron. The power/organization slows seeps away.  Put another way, the spirit simply can’t hold its pattern together any longer and breaks up.

The Parallel Universe Theory

Part of the parallel universe theory is derived by the fact that in quantum physics every decision point creates a viable existence.  Modern physics until recently asserted the universe is made up of quantum  strings. Unable to reconcile large scale physics with sub-atomic in 10-dimensions. By adding an 11th dimension, and creating sheets of strings, the math worked. (For more discussion on the strings, go to the residual haunting page).

Each sheet of strings makes up a reality.  The red dot represents us (our existence) in space/time

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Above and below the sheet of paper that represents our reality, there are millions of other “sheets of reality.”  

Each one of these pages slowly vibrates like a flag in the wind.  At certain points, the membranes move very close to each other or even have paralleled frequencies in their vibrations.  At these intersections, one reality may bleed into another.


This means, the paranormal experience is actually a view into another reality or existence.

This is an extremely hard concept to grasp but we will attempt to illustrate:

In essence, the figure living in the past is our ghost and we are its ghosts.  Neither side is complete enough to cross the gap.


This works neatly until one considers the impact of one of the two realities moving an object (including air molecules required for speech) in the other universe.  Conservation of energy says that the matter/energy levels in both universes must remain constant.  Energy added to our universe must be subtracted into the parallel universe.  In Alchemy, this was called the law of equivalent exchange.  The rule still applies.  This could actually account for things like battery drainage and cold spots.

The Equivalent exchange idea is a much simpler belief than dead people suddenly being granted the super-power to control energy.