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Excelsior Mill


A correct history of the Masquerade Dupre Excelsior Mill in downtown Atlanta. This history includes results of the 2010 investigation.

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Haunted History

Bailey-Tebault House

Griffin, Georgia

Located in one of the most haunted cities in the South, the Bailey house has served as a residence, a hospital and a funeral home. Built in 1859, the Bailey House is now owned by the Griffin Historical Society and offers visitors a rare look into life before the War of Northern Aggression

Moon River Brewery

(City Hotel)

Savannah, GA

Having been built as the first hotel in Savannah in 1819, the City Hotel is now the Moon River Brewery.

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Sloss Furnace

Birmingham, AL

Started in 1881, the Sloss Furnace is was once a “pig” iron furnace and center of the iron industry in Birmingham. This site offers an amazing look at an iron ore refinery.

Marietta “old” City Cemetery

Marietta, GA

These two cemeteries hold a plethora of history. The first apparition was reported here in 1895!

Kennesaw House

Marietta, GA

The Kennesaw House, one of the most haunted places in the world and the house of 1000 ghosts served as a hospital during the battles of Chattanooga and northern Georgia.

Rhodes Hall

Atlanta, GA

Rhodes Hall is a historic building in downtown Atlanta that serves as headquarters for the Georgia Trust.

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Unlike other ghost sites that cut and paste their histories from wikipedia, we work to do original, verified research. Our histories are filed with the Atlanta History Center as true historical research.

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Oakland Cemetery

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta’s first cemetery is home to thousands of Confederate dead and many of Atlanta’s most famous deceased residents.

Fox Theatre

Atlanta, GA

Located in the heart of North Atlanta, the Fox Theatre is among Atlanta’s most enduring icons. Having started as Shrine Temple, the Fox has a long history of being rumored to be haunted.

Georgia Lunatic Asylum

Milledgeville, GA

The 1842 Georgia State Lunatic, Idiot, and Epileptic Asylum holds hundreds of unmarked graves for its forgotten patients.

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Camp Sumter Prison

Andersonville, GA

The horrors of what man can do to other men is found in the Civil War Prison in Andersonville.

Birdcage Theatre

Tombstone, AZ

Few places conjure up visions of the wild west like Tombstone. The Birdcage Theatre is the most celebrated of the supposedly haunted places in the town.

Bonaventure Cemetery

Savannah, GA

This 1846 cemetery is Savannah’s most famous graveyard. Multiple stories of apparitions walking its grounds have been told for a century.

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Bell Witch

Adams, TN

In 1817, the Bell Family in Adams, Tennessee began experiencing issue with an alleged poltergeist. A hundred years of lore is investigated.

Case-Bell Witch 01 Case-Bell Witch 01

Thomas House

Red Boiling Springs, TN

IThe Cloyd Hotel is one of the most haunted locations in North America. Located in the mountains of Tennessee, the Bed and Breakfast was supercharged when a cult used it.

Case-Thomas House 01

Tracy City, TN

In the 1840s, coal was discovered near where Tracy City sits today. From the burning of the Union fort there during the War of Northern Aggression until modern times, mysterious burnings fill the towns history.

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